Non-classical and conditional logics

WiSe 2013/14, Konstanz

Time & place: Mondays from 10-11:30 in room E - E405
Office hours: By appointment


This course provides an introduction to non-classical (propositional) logics and their applications, with a focus on conditionals. Some of the logics covered include logics of counterfactual conditionals, as well as relevant, many-valued, and paraconsistent logics. We will look at both the formal (semantic and proof-theoretic) aspects of non-classical logics, as well as their philosophical applications and motivations. In particular, we will evaluate how well non-classical approaches to the semantic paradoxes fair against each other.

Prerequisites: Some familiarity with introductory logic is assumed
Evaluation: Exercise sets on formal logic (50%); Essay (50%)
Texts: Everything will be made available online


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See the exercises section of the slides.


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Course notes

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