The philosophy of time

Questions to think about for 13.13.2016 (Week 13)

McTaggart: The unreality of time

  1. What is the distinction between the A and B series?
  2. What is McTaggart's argument against the B series alone being able to account for change?
  3. There is, claims McTaggart, only one sense in which an event can change. What is it?
  4. What is the C series and how does it relate to the A and B series?
  5. What is the argument from fiction attempting to show that the A series is not essential to time? What is McTaggart's response?
  6. If past/present/future are relations of events, why must one of the relata be something outside the time-series?
  7. What is McTaggart's vicious circularity objection to the A series?
  8. McTaggart concludes that time is unreal. But he thinks that probably something about how the events are related is real. What is that?